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Meetings & Events

Time to work! Take advantage of a space spanning 395m2 in which to get some work done by yourself, or in a group.
If you need to discuss highly confidential information, we offer 6 rooms ranging from 43.5m2 to 180m2, which can be personalised and include all of the gadgets you might require in order to succeed in your task (screen and data projector, paper flipboards, beverages, coffee machines and snacks).
And for an ambiance befitting of a CEO, complete with a sea view, you can welcome your guests in one of our 7 Executives Suites, featuring a boardroom configuration.
The evidence cannot be disputed: nearby parking, on-site catering available (buffet or table service) and a dedicated team ensuring that your event runs to plan.
Call us, and let’s see what we can do for you!